Background of the Centre


We are a one stop site for services that enhance the links between Canada and Mexico.

Due to rapid globalization, people require a better understanding of different cultures so that more efficient communication can take place and so that we can both contribute to and benefit from globalization. A good understanding of a particular country and its culture will help prevent detrimental effects when dealing in cross-cultural networking. According to academic relations coordinators, professors, and businessmen in both Mexico and Canada, relationships between Ontario and Mexico should be improved and increased. Better understanding of a culture can also help increase sensitivity towards the specific needs and demands of the countries involved, in this case Canada and Mexico. There are a few academic relations between Mexico and Quebec, but none between Mexico and Ontario.

There seems to be a genuine need for cross-cultural contact between Canada and Mexico in particular. Concrete evidence exists to show that both public and private sectors in Mexico are eager to establish extensive links directly with Canada. Meanwhile, there is great interest and demand in Canada for services such as Spanish classes, which will help create and enhance links with Mexico. Encouraged a decade ago by members of the University of Toronto community, the director began teaching Spanish with a fresh communicative approach. She also started establishing academic links between Canada and Mexico. The Centre’s first 6 years were under the umbrella of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE/UT).

Since spring 2000, the Centre has been operating autonomously. The Spanish program has now provided Spanish Language and Culture instruction to more than 2500 students, has exchange agreements with more than 89 institutions in Mexico, and has also trained over 60 EFL and SFL instructors.

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