Other Services and Discounts for Private English Schools

Selection of an English School: Selecting an English School in Canada an overwhelming experience. Let our team assist you at no cost to you. Also, we will get you a school discount. Again this service is free.

Cross-Cultural and Educational Consulting Services: Personal Consulting is available for individuals who want to work, trade, invest, study or travel in Mexico. Consultation is provided at the professional, business, or tourist level. CMCEC can help our clients find a placement suitable to their needs, whether of a business, academic or personal nature. We contact key people in the relevant fields and areas of Mexico and then try to establish a link between them and our clients. The service carefully points out the “do’s and don’ts” that must be observed when dealing directly with Mexican culture.

English/Spanish/English Translating: We provide the services of professional translators and editors capable of providing efficient, accurate and fast work at very competitive rates.

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