Canada-Mexico Cultural Exchange Program


In an international exchange, Canadian homes host a Mexican graduate student from Mexico for up to 6 months. The Mexican candidate will become an “extra” member of the family, with similar responsibilities and rights. The candidate, in exchange, will provide assistance with the children, run errands, etc., as any other member of the family would do. This is a cultural exchange and as such there is no payment involved between participants. Candidates from Mexico will benefit from their stay in Canada by being immersed in the English language, being able to study part-time (usually ESL), and visiting Ontario. The family will benefit by learning first hand about Mexican culture, promoting international friendships for their families, and receiving help and company for themselves and their children.


Honorable Canadian homes that would like to have an international experience and have interest in learning more about Mexican culture may apply. Families that would enjoy having another reliable adult in the household and who are in need of some assistance in their homes. Feel free to contact us to see if you qualify for participation, or to book an interview.
Some of the requirements:
1) Family’s home must be easily accessible by public transit
2) Family should be able to provide the candidate with a private room
(preferably separate from the rest of the family; e.g. guest room or basement)
3) Candidate cannot share a washroom with other adults (some exceptions might apply)
4) Candidates should be in charge of no more than 2 children at a time. In some circumstances 3 might be acceptable depending on age of children, number of hours required, and whether there is another adult present in the home at the time
5) Families cannot leave a candidate in charge of child(ren) if going away (e.g. out of town), nor in charge of children other than those specified in the contract.

Honorable, serious, responsible, intelligent, enthusiastic Mexican university students (preference will be given to graduates) who are eager to immerse themselves in Canadian culture and are willing to assist their host family in exchange for room and board for up to 6 months are eligible. Candidates should posses at least basic knowledge of English.


In Ontario, Canada:
Contact the Canada-Mexico Cultural Exchange Centre Coordinator, Margarita De Antuñano, or staff for more information and a personal interview in your home. We will assess your interests, needs, and suitability for participation in this program.
You can reach us at:
Tel. 905- 648-9969


In Cancun, Mexico:
Contact Sra. Beatriz De Antuñano, e-mail:, for more information and a personal interview.
She will assess your interests, needs, and suitability for participation in this program.
Telephone: (998) 210-25-40


Participants are carefully selected by our specialized staff. We make our best effort to provide successful matches that will make for a very positive experience for everyone.


Canadian Family:

To provide an honorable, safe, and comfortable home for up to 6 months. The Mexican candidate should be provided with a private room and food (not necessarily pre-cooked or prepared, as long as kitchen facilities are available).

To pay local public transportation expenses (i.e.Metropass)
To respect the number of hours and nature of assistance provided by the Mexican candidate as agreed upon.
To assist the candidate to adapt to and get around in Canada.
To pay a participation fee of $350 plus HST CDN. This fee allows a family to have a candidate for up to 6 months. Fee is due once a candidate is assigned. Half of the participation fee will be refunded in the event that the candidate cannot participate ( e.g. visa not granted, illness etc. ).  Otherwise participation fee is not refundable. In exceptional circumstances, the participation fee could be partially waived based on a family’s financial situation.

Mexican Candidate:

To behave honorably and respectfully in accordance with the “house rules” of their host families
To assist the family in the ways agreed upon
To be medically insured
To pay transportation costs, participation fees, and all other expenses apart from room and board.

The participation fee for the Mexican candidate is $1000 USD. This allows them to be placed with one family only. Only in a situation where their safety is in danger will they be relocated to another family ( in our program’s history we have never had to relocate a candidate ).

I have read the general guidelines of the program, and by paying my registration fee, I authorize the CMCEC to start the search for a suitable candidate for our home. I understand that I have the right to accept or reject a potential candidate, also that there will be a formal letter of agreement stating each party’s responsibilities once a candidate is found.


LIVE IN CANADA! Yes, now the Canada-Mexico Cultural Exchange Centre, located near the University of Toronto in Canada, offers an international program in which you can participate, with minimum entrance requirements.

What you will get:
FREE accommodation and meals
Up to 6 months’ stay
The opportunity to live abroad and learn about Canadian culture
The opportunity to study a course of your choice

Requirements to participate:
Speak English
Like children
Assist a Canadian family with their child(ren)
Cost of: $ 1000 USD  ( plus $100 USD registration).

For more information, contact in Cancun, Mexico:
Sra. Beatriz De Antuñano
Tel: (998) 210-25-40


Sabes inglés?
Te gustan los niños?
Te gustaría :
Ayudar a una familia canadiense con sus hijos?
Recibir alojamiento y comida gratis?
Estudiar en Canadá un curso de tu elección?

Si respondiste SI a estas preguntas, puedes participar en el programa.

Se te asignará un hogar en Ontario, Canadá donde ayudarás a una familia canadiense y te convertirás en otro miembro de la familia. Tu estancia puede ser de hasta 6 meses. Recibirás casa y alojamiento GRATIS.
Costo del Programa: $ 1000 U.S. y transporte.

Para más información e inscripciones en Cancun, México:
Sra. Beatriz De Antuñano
Tel. (998) 210-25-40


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