How to choose a Spanish School

In the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in schools that will provide Spanish courses. This is great news for potential students but also the selection process is harder.

Make sure the school is a reputable one. How long have they been in business? When you ask for information is this more educational rather than “sales” oriented? Where do most of their students come from? Do they have a high % of returning students?

Make sure ALL instructors are qualified ask for years of experience and qualifications.

Ask in detail about the kind of program they deliver. Their methodology, who design it etc. Get a sense if it is a school who is interested in delivering a high quality program or just wants to get your business.

Be wary of huge advertising or too much of it. We believe that schools are like good restaurants, they do not have the need to post the whole street to make people know their institution is a quality one. Quality schools are more concerned of spending their time and money into their programs rather than invading the city with posters or alike.

You should be able to try the class before you enroll.

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