Sample Jobs Postings


There is a huge demand for qualified Spanish Instructors in Ontario and due to high growing Spanish speaking immigrant population, the demand is increasing. We are one of the very few institutions in the province that train Spanish Instructors. Our graduates get job offers even before completing the program!

Some samples:

London Ontario, Catholic Board Continuing Education Spanish Program. According to the Board, one of the fastest language programs in London.

University of Western Ontario: Continuing Education Department

Boards of Education in Southwestern Ontario that offer Spanish through their Continuing Education and/or International Languages Programs

The Canada-Mexico Cultural Exchange Centre Inc. : Lunch Program through Southwestern Ontario Boards and corporate clients.

Toronto and Southwestern Ontario Boards of Education: Spanish Assistant (Opportunity to get benefits and part/full time position as a Spanish Instructor after 3 months if the teacher is not Ontario College Teacher Certified, he/she can teach with a special letter of permission from the Board).

Toronto also South Western Ontario ( London and surroundings): Private Language Schools salaries range from 10 to 35 an hour approx.

London, Toronto, Hamilton rest of Southwestern Ontario Private and Independent Schools: High school Spanish Instructors great opportunities for those individuals who have had previous teaching experience. Annual salaries vary from $ 35,000 to about $ 92,000 a year


ESL Instructors in Mexico: Mexico City, Peterson School, Private Bilingual School of about 200 students. Grade 2, Elementary School. Preferably 2 years contract but willing to consider 1 year commitment. Working hours 7:50 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., Monday to Friday. School will provide with transportation to and off the school daily, 1 airfare per year round trip to Canada, bonuses per year worked, working visa, health insurance, $1, 000 US allowance for moving expenses, annual salary approximately $29,000 CDN.

Cancun Bilingual Private School: Leonardo Da Vinci Elementary to Grade 12 $ 1000 monthly plus apartment and benefits.

Cancun: University del Caribe: ESL Instructor ; ESL Material Designer; ESL Resource Centre Coordinator.

We do provide qualified teachers with a liaison service to work in Mexico. Also, once you have your CMCEC Teaching Certificate, you will be considered as a qualified teacher to work in Mexico or anywhere in the world, so t we can assist you in finding a job.

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