CMCEC Director’s and Staff’s experience


The idea of developing this Cultural Exchange Centre between Mexico and Canada came to the Centre’s Canadian director after she recognized the importance of multiculturalism. Margarita De Antuñano’s experience of multiculturalism, both in theory and practice, began when she first came to Canada from Mexico in 1992 to undertake her Master’s Degree in Adult Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). She realized that there was a rising consciousness among educators and the community in general regarding the benefits of multiculturalism. Today, people are aware that multiculturalism can enrich any given culture, yet it is also quite complex creating the necessary means to prepare for cross-cultural contact, which is crucial to successful multiculturalism. That thought inspired the director to specialize in the study of Comparative International Education both for her Master’s and Doctoral programs at the University of Toronto.

De Antuñano believes that her experience and professional background put her in a good position to coordinate a centre that fosters such relations and links between Mexico and Canada. In Mexico she started and ran her own languages and arts school for ten years. She was in charge of its direction, coordination, marketing, administration, teaching, and teacher selection and training. She has also worked for the international languages company Education for Foreign Study (EF), which gave her the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language abroad. The fact that she studied, lived, and worked extensively in both Mexico and Canada provides De Antuñano with a thorough understanding of both cultures. She also serves as a Cross-Cultural Consultant for relocation companies like Shepell.fgi and Prudential International and is in charge of the Spanish program at Hillfield Strathallan College a renown private school in Hamilton, Ontario.

Centre’s Staff All personnel at the CMCEC are professionals in their field. We are a group of qualified professionals that not only have years of experience and success in our field but we all feel passionate about what we do.

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