Members of our team

Spanish and Foreign Language Instructor

Samanta Guarneros

Graduate of the Foreign Language Teaching Certificate Program Specialization in Spanish, she is in charge of the Advanced Spelling and Proofreading Course for the same program. She also teaches Spanish for the CMCEC. Originally from Mexico, she also holds a B. A. in Accounting and is a busy Mom of two young children who speak 3 languages. We feel really fortunate to have her on our team.


Gloria Ramirez
Holds a Doctorate degree in Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). Also holds a B.A. with Honours in Modern Language Teaching English and Spanish, a Montessori International Institute Certificate in Teaching Languages to Children. and a Masters Degree in Second Language Education from OISE/UT. Gloria has over eleven years of educational training and experience in Colombia, her native land, England and Canada. Throughout her professional career she has taught pre-school, elementary, high school, university and Spanish as a Foreign language to adults and children. Gloria has been in charge of training Foreign Language Teachers’ for over half a decade. She has been part of the CMCEC for over 6 years. She helps coordinate the Spanish Classes and TEFL and TESL programs as well as teaches them. Gloria’s passions are teaching, people, learning, reading, creating, dancing, the outdoors and writing short stories. You will enjoy her humbleness and will be inspired by her knowledge in field.

Spanish and Foreign Language Instructor

Beatriz Ramirez
Holds a B. A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from one of the most renowned Universities in her native country , the National University of Colombia, a Masters in Linguistics from the Sorbonne in France. Among her vast experience in cross cultural experience, she served as an Ambassador at the Colombian Consulate in Hong Kong. Beatriz has over 30 years of Spanish Language as a Foreign Language Teaching experience around the world. Has been one of our ss favourite instructor for the past 6 years at the CMCEC. Catch her at our Spanish Classes and Foreign Language Teaching Programs. Her youthfulness and vibrant energy are contagious.

Spanish and Foreign Language Instructor

Carolina Daza
Her last degree was a masters degree at OISE/UT in the Modern Language Centre. If you did not know Carolina you would think she is a Ms. Venezuela ( her home country) beauty pageant winner. Carolina ‘s beauty goes beyond her looks. Her intelligence, responsibility and perseverance have made her one of our very selected CMCEC team. She has competed among hundreds of other instructors to work with us. We are happy to have had her for over 3 years now.

Consulting Manager and Director of the Translation Department

Agustin De Antuñano

Recently joined our team after successfully operating Carrillo y De Antuñano Associates in Mexico for over 10 years. He is a bright mind that brings wisdom  and fresh ideas to our Centre. He serves as our Managing Consultant is in charge of our Translations department.  Welcome Agustin!


Canada-Mexico Exchange Programs Director for Mexico

Beatriz De Antuñano
A very young at heart grand ma, she obtained a Certificate in Applied Psychology when her kids were teenagers. She also has a Diploma in Business Admin. Resourceful, hard working, super friendly, kind and fun, she is in charge of selecting candidates to participate in the Canada Mexico Exchange Programs and also in charge of coordinating programs for Mexico. We are proud to have her as Director for her home country.

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